Guard Artillery Spacing Murat

The Army of Austria-Hungary 1796 to 1814


W. J. Rawkins published many booklets on the Napoleonic uniforms of many countries in the early 80's. Using the one on this army as a starting point, I completely revised, updated and considerably expanded his information to come up with a completely new book. Colour illustrations of many of thes uniforms have been included, the majority from contemporary prints. Bob Marrion has helped fill in a few gaps and Lesley Prince has produced some fantastic colour illustrations of the flags and standards.

Partizan Press published the book in early 2011 and it should be available for sale, so if you want a copy please consult the Caliver Books website and order one there.

Following publication there have been a few snippets of information that have come to light and bits that didn't make it into the book. I have made these into files you can download below:

Belgic Legion

Austrian Ceremonial Troops

Extra Information

If you have comments about the book or extra information or corrections I could place here for others, please send me an email using the link below.

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