Guard Artillery Spacing Murat

The Armies of Holland 1793 to 1810.

Dutch Horse Artillery

This is my third book and was a coroboration with Karim van Overmeire so as to be able to tap into some Dutch language sources that would otherwise have been difficult to use. This book concentrates on the period 1793 to 1810 which saw three states existing one after the other in this area. These were the United Netherlands, the Batavian Republic and the Kingdom of Holland. Very little seems to have been written in the English language to do justice to these countries and we hope to have set this right with this book. The book was published in September 2012 by Partizan Press.

To my knowledge this is the first book in English that covers these armies in detail and contains much that is new. It corrects a mistake on Batavian light infantry that has been repeated consistently since Knotel made it many years ago. There are many illustrations including some by Bob Marrion and flag illustrations by Lesley Prince.

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