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  Consular Guard Grenadier Battn
Gren of the Guard of the Concl
1st Infantry Regiment
  Consular Guard Light Inf Battn
Consular Guard Light Inf Regt
1st Jager Regiment
  Royal Dutch Velites
  1st Batavian Demi-Brigade
1st Batavian Infantry Battn
  2nd Batavian Demi-Brigade
4th Batavian Infantry Battn
  3rd Batavian Demi-Brigade
7th Batavian Infantry Battn
  4th Batavian Demi-Brigade
10th Batavian Infantry Battn
  5th Batavian Demi-Brigade
13th Batavian Infantry Battn
  6th Batavian Demi-Brigade
16th Batavian Infantry Battn
  7th Batavian Demi-Brigade
19th Batavian Infantry Battn
  1st Batavian Light Demi-Brig
  2nd Batavian Light Demi-Brig
  22nd Batavian Coln Inf Battn
  1st Infantry Regiment
2nd Infantry Regiment
  2nd Infantry Regiment
3rd Infantry Regiment
  3rd Infantry Regiment
4th Infantry Regiment
  4th Infantry Regiment
5th Infantry Regiment
  5th Infantry Regiment
6th Infantry Regiment
  6th Infantry Regiment
7th Infantry Regiment
  7th Infantry Regiment
8th Infantry Regiment
  8th Infantry Regiment
9th Infantry Regiment
  1st Infantry Battalion
  2nd Infantry Battalion
  3rd Infantry Battalion
  4th Infantry Battalion
  5th Infantry Battalion
  6th Infantry Battalion
  7th Infantry Battalion
  8th Infantry Battalion
  9th Infantry Battalion
  12th Infantry Battalion
  13th Infantry Battalion
  14th Infantry Battalion
  15th Infantry Battalion
  19th Dutch Colonial Inf Battn
  20th Dutch Colonial Inf Battn
  21st Dutch Colonial Inf Battn
  22nd Dutch Colonial Inf Battn
  23rd Dutch Colonial Inf Battn
  24th Dutch Colonial Inf Battn
  25th Dutch Colonial Inf Battn
  26th Dutch Colonial Inf Battn
  33rd Dutch Colonial Dep Battn
  34th Garrison Battalion
  1st Jager Battalion
1st Light Infantry Regiment
1st Jager Regiment
2nd Jager Regiment
  2nd Jager Battalion
  3rd Jager Battalion
2nd Light Infantry Regiment
2nd Jager Regiment
3rd Jager Regiment
  4th Jager Battalion
  10th Infantry Battalion
  11th Infantry Battalion
  16th Infantry Battalion
  17th Infantry Battalion
  18th Infantry Battalion
  27th Infantry Battalion
  35th Infantry Battalion
  36th Infantry Battalioni
  Waldeck Infantry Regiment
1st Battn Waldeck Regt
  Sachsen-Gotha Infantry Regt
Sachsen-Gotha Infantry Battn
  29th Swiss Regiment
  30th Swiss Regiment
  31st Swiss Regiment
  32nd Swiss Regiment
  1st Dutch Militia Battalion
  2nd Dutch Militia Battalion
  3rd Dutch Militia Battalion
  4th Dutch Militia Battalion
  5th Dutch Militia Battalion
  6th Dutch Militia Battalion
  7th Dutch Militia Battalion
  8th Dutch Militia Battalion
  9th Dutch Militia Battalion
  10th Dutch Militia Battalion
  11th Dutch Militia Battalion
  12th Dutch Militia Battalion
  13th Dutch Militia Battalion
  14th Dutch Militia Battalion
  15th Dutch Militia Battalion
  16th Dutch Militia Battalion
  17th Dutch Militia Battalion
  18th Dutch Militia Battalion
  19th Dutch Militia Battalion
  20th Dutch Militia Battalion
  21st Belgian Militia Battalion
  22nd Belgian Militia Battalion
  23rd Belgian Militia Battalion
  24th Belgian Militia Battalion
  25th Belgian Militia Battalion
  26th Belgian Militia Battalion
  27th Belgian Militia Battalion
  28th Belgian Militia Battalion
  29th Belgian Militia Battalion
  30th Belgian Militia Battalion
  31st Belgian Militia Battalion
  32nd Belgian Militia Battalion
  33rd Belgian Militia Battalion
  34th Belgian Militia Battalion
  35th Belgian Militia Battalion
  36th Belgian Militia Battalion
  37th Belgian Militia Battalion
  38th Belgian Militia Battalion
  39th Belgian Militia Battalion
  40th Belgian Militia Battalion
  41st Belgian Militia Battalion
  42nd Belgian Militia Battalion
  43rd Belgian Militia Battalion
  44th Belgian Militia Battalion
  45th Belgian Militia Battalion
  2nd Batavian Infantry Battn
  3rd Batavian Infantry Battn
  5th Batavian Infantry Battn
  6th Batavian Infantry Battn
  8th Batavian Infantry Battn
  9th Batavian Infantry Battn
  11th Batavian Infantry Battn
  12th Batavian Infantry Battn
  14th Batavian Infantry Battn
  15th Batavian Infantry Battn
  17th Batavian Infantry Battn
  18th Batavian Infantry Battn
  20th Batavian Infantry Battn
  21st Batavian Infantry Battn
  2nd Battn Waldeck Regt
  23rd Batavian Infantry Battn
  Le Regiment de Meuron
  28th Infantry Regt

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