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  Von Zobel Grenadier Battn
Guarde zu Fuss
Guarde-Regiment zu Fuss
  Saxe-Coburg Infantry Regt
  Von Hügel Infantry Regt
  (Grenadier Battalion)
  (Garrision Battalion)
  Von Mylius Musketeer Battn
Herzog Paul Musketeer Battn
Herzog Paul Infantry Regt
Von Schroeder Infantry Regt
Von Phull Infantry Regt
Prinz Paul Infantry Regt
Nr1 Prinz Paul Infantry Regt
Leib-Infantry-Regiment Nr1
  Von Seeger Musketeer Battn
Herzog Wilhelm Musketeer Battn
Herzog Wilhelm Infantry Regt
Nr2 Herzog Wilhelm Inf Regt
  Von Perglas Musketeer Battn
Von Seckendorf Musketeer Battn
Von Seckendorf Infantry Regt
Von Camerer Infantry Regt
Von Phull Infantry Regt
Nr3 Infantry Regiment
  Von Beulwitz Musketeer Battn
Von Romig Musketeer Battn
Von Romig Infantry Regt
Von Franquemont Infantry Regt
Nr4 Infantry Regiment
  Von Obernitz Musketeer Battn
Von Lilienberg Musketeer Battn
Von Lilienberg Infantry Regt
Prinz Freidrich Infantry Regt
Nr5 Prinz Freidrich Inf Regt
  Erbprinz Musketeer Battn
Kurprinz Musketeer Battn
Kronprinz Musketeer Battn
Kronprinz Infantry Regt
Nr6 Kronprinz Infantry Regt
Von Neubronn Fusilier-Regt
Von Koseritz Fusilier-Regt
Nr7 Infantry Regiment
  Von Boxberg Depot Battn
  Von Berndes Depot Battn
  Von Scharffenstein Inf Regt
Nr8 Infantry Regiment
Nr7 Infantry Regiment
  Von Berndes Fusilier-Battn
Von Etzdorff Fusilier-Battn
Nr9 Infantry Regiment
Nr12 Garrison Regiment
  Nr8 Infantry Regiment
  Fußjäger Company
1st Jäger Battalion
  2nd Jäger Battalion
  Nr9 Infantry Regiment
  Neubronn Light Inf Battn
Bünau Light Inf Battn
Wölff Light Infantry Battn
  de Scheler Light Inf Battn
Brüsselle Light Inf Battn
Stockmayer Light Inf Battn
  Nr10 Infantry Regiment

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