The Waterloo Campaign 1815

Map 1


Wellington thinks an attack is most likely to be against his western flank.

Yes. He expects to do any attacking himself, but as a precaution he keeps a strong part of his force as far west as Menin and Ghent. After all, the other Allies might fail to keep their promises and if Wellington's army is cut off from the coast the war may well be lost. Yet such a westward thrust by Napoleon would be a risky one if Blücher's Prussians come to Wellington's aid.

So you are right in thinking that this is what Wellington expects. But is Wellington's guess correct?

Look at it from Napoleon's point of view: Wellington occupies the open lowland of Belgium west of the Brussels - Charleroi road (N 5); Blücher is cast of N 5, with his flank and retreat-line protected by the Ardennes hill-country. (See Maps 2 and 3.)

Where should Napoleon strike?

Against Wellington?

Between Wellington and Blücher?

Against Blücher?

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